Why Support the Arts?

The Port Aransas Art Center has been providing quality art instruction, exhibitions, support to the artist community, and related activities since 1995. The Art Center was formed by a group of artists who wanted to provide a place where artists and art lovers could gather, and to encourage, educate and support one another in a pleasant gallery and classroom setting where fine art could be produced and presented for sale. In April 1997, the Port Aransas Art Center was granted its official IRS designation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

The Port Aransas Art Center is mindful of its role in sustaining the quality of life of Port Aransas, surrounding communities, and the State of Texas as a whole.

“Texas’ Arts and Culture Industry promotes innovation and long-term growth, and generates $5.5 billion per year in taxable sales, contributing more than 343.7 million in state sales tax revenue in 2015. This impact on the statewide economy has grown
steadily since 2005, increasing 25.1 percent over the past 10 years. Beyond revenue from state taxes, these sectors generate millions for local taxing entities including cities and economic development organizations whose funding comes from local sales tax revenue.”

2017-State-of-the-Arts-Report pdf
Click to download a report by the Texas Cultural Trust, “2017 State of the Arts.”

Did you know?

  • The Arts provide a vital economic engine for Texas, and help ensure a successful future for students.
  • The Arts generate $5.5 billion for our state’s economy now and prepare students to be key contributors to our economy in the future.
  • Students who complete more arts classes have up to 15% higher pass rates on standardized tests than students with fewer arts classes.
  • At-risk high school students who complete more than one art class are half as likely to drop out.
  • 80% of Texas voters support increased funding for The Arts in schools.

The Port Aransas Art Center works closely with the Port Aransas Independent School District and surrounding communities. Our region has a high percentage of low income K-12 students. In fact, the Art Center hopes to expand its educational programming but the lack of underwriting – particularly since Hurricane Harvey – has prevented that from happening in the near term (but we have not given up hope).

If you have an interest in underwriting our educational programs for youth or for adults, please contact us by using the secure contact form found on this website.

Student Painting TCA
Click to read a report from Americans for the Arts about private sector support.

We were pleased to learn that nationally, nearly a quarter of companies expect to increase their funding for the arts in the next 12 months and only 7 percent expect a decrease, according to new research from The Conference Board and Americans for the Arts. “These increases will likely be driven by increased overall philanthropy budgets. The study also found that nearly all companies are engaged with the arts community, complementing the support for the sector delivered through the National Endowment of the Arts.”

The Port Aransas Art Center welcomes partners from all sectors. We believe the arts are vital to a strong economy and to the education of our children. We are proud of our role in furthering these goals.

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