Port Aransas Art Center

Watercolor 2-Day Workshop

Friday & Saturday 12 & 13

Lee Ricks Watercolor Workshop

Time: 9:30-4:30

Cost: Members$150/Non-members$160


Lee Ricks Workshop Materials List


 Suggested supply list: I order most of mine from Cheap Joe’s … 800-257-0874 

Or www.cheapjoes.com. He has good products at a fair price & good service.


Paper: Arches 140 lb. Cold Press or Rough. I also use Arches 300 lb. CP or Saunders Waterford 140 CP or rough. (Arches W/C blocks are good for outdoor painting)


Support: 1/8 or 1/4” thick plywood board. Size 12X16 works well for 1/4

Sheet (11×15) paper.


Scotch 1” masking tape or Boston Bulldog clips (office supply store) for attaching 

paper to board


Brushes: Round sz . 8, 10, 12, & 14 and #4 rigger. My current favorite rounds are

 Loew-Cornell #7020.

               Flats: ¼”, ½”, ¾” & 1 ½” (Richeson is a good brand)


Paper Towels (A MUST): I prefer VIVA


Plastic Covered Palette: Robert Wood or Mijello for a smaller size.

Tube Paints: (mostly Cheap Joe’s American Journey brand)

Basic (most used) colors are: quinacridone burnt orange, raw sienna, cerulean 

Blue, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, & permanent rose. You can get by with just these.


Secondary colors: sap green, quin. gold, cad. Yellow med, Indian yellow, 

spring green, & cad. Red medium.

Accent Colors: Halloween orange, Andrews turquoise, & wild fuchsia plus white

Gouache (for small highlights)


Pump Spray Bottle and water containers.


Note – If you have favorite materials definitely use them. If you are new to w/c

Start with just the boldface items above. The total list is just what I use. You will get 

better results & less frustration if you use good

quality paper, brushes, & FRESH PAINTS as recommended.

November 13 @ 09:30
09:30 — 16:30 (7h)

Port Aransas Art Center

Lee Ricks

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