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Painting Waves and Tropical Scenes with Wade Koniakowsky


Day 1 and 2 – Wave Painting

A step by step, deep dive into painting waves realistically. Students will learn to render spray, froth, backlight and all fundamentals, tips and tricks of wave painting.
Day 3 – Tropical Scenes
The last day, we will delve into painting a lush, tropical scene. (NOTE: You can elect to spend the last day on Waves). It’s been said about Wade’s tropical paintings, “Wade Koniakowsky’s focus is capturing Polynesian dreamscapes and the related emotional tie we have with far away lands. His vibe intersects with those same emotions–unspoiled, nirvana-esque landscapes, islander portraits, and ephemeral visions that make you want to sell it all and travel.” – Jim Moriarty, President of the Surfrider Foundation.

Wade Koniakowsky workshop Supply List



 Cadmium Red

 Alizarin Crimson

 Cadmium Yellow

 Yellow Ochre 

Ultramarine Blue

 Phthalocyanine Blue/Phthalo Blue

 Phthalocyanine Green/Phthalo Green

 Dioxazine Purple

 A glass or plastic jar/container for your water

 BRUSHES: 3 or 4 sizes from about ½” wide on down to flats, filberts and round, and one smaller brush for detail 

CANVAS PANELS: 2 – 11″ x 14” Canvas Panels 


May 27 @ 12:00
12:00 — 15:00 (3h)

Port Aransas Art Center

Wade Koniakowsky

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