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Lightroom Processing Seminar

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This seminar is for beginners and intermediate users of Adobe Lightroom Classic. The goal of the class is to provide you with image processing techniques which can improve the overall quality of your photos.

This seminar will focus on Mr. Stinson’s workflow for processing digital images in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Focus will be on cropping considerations and techniques, sharpening and noise reduction methods, use of basic exposure adjustment tools, use of graduated and radial filters and use of assorted other processing tools. 

Minimum time will be spent addressing Lightroom file management techniques as the focus of the seminar is on processing, however, limited use of Adobe Photoshop will be included as a processing adjunct for file save and export.

Time permitting, assessment and discussion of one or more of your personal images will be addressed in class. Participants are requested to e-mail Mr. Stinson 1-2 of either your favorite (or problematic) photos that you would like to see evaluated. There is no guarantee that any or all of your images will be addressed in class, but every effort will be made to do so. 

Please e-mail your original uncropped image files plus a copy of your edits for each image to Mr. Stinson at stinsonthomas21@yahoo.com in jpg format a minimum of one week prior to the class. 

If feasible and as a backup, bring your original image files, preferably in raw format, with you to class on a storage card, flash drive, or similar suitable file transfer device. If your images were captured in jpg format, that will suffice.

Nothing else is required for class except for a positive learning attitude and a personal notepad/pen.


Cost: $15.00

November 17 @ 13:00
13:00 — 15:00 (2h)

Port Aransas Art Center

Tom Stinson

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