Port Aransas Art Center

Lee Ricks 2 Day Workshop

Understanding Watercolor

TWO DAY WORKSHOP– Friday and Saturday 

DATES: November 10-11,23  Time: 10-4p $195/200

Lee Ricks is an award winning South Texas Artist with a love of the beauty of Nature. This coastal Theme Watercolor Workshop will allow you the opportunity to gather around and watch Lee paint a small portion of the painting. Then you will paint that same part and Lee will be available for guidance. You will proceed through the day like this, and at the end of the day you should have a finished painting.

All students will receive a transfer sketch and materials list ahead of time and arrive at class with it already drawn onto your watercolor paper.


Friday we will be doing the vintage Port A scene (below)


Saturday will be Mexico scene with fountain & burro


Please arrive Friday with your sketch already transferred (traced) onto your watercolor paper so we can get to painting! Materials list available from Art Center


Materials List for Lee Ricks 2 Day Workshop


Paper: Saunders Waterford 140 CP or rough

Support: 1/8  plywood board 12×16 works well for ¼

Sheet (11×15) paper. Old corrugated campaign posters work well cut to 12×16

Scotch 1” masking tape or bulldog clips

Brushes: Round sz.8,10,12 &14 and #4 Rigger    Flats ¼,1/2,11/2 (mop brush for skies & water)

Paper towels (Must) VIVA is best

Plastic covered Palette. 

Tube paints: Basic: Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Raw Sienna,
Quin. Gold, Cerulean Cobalt Blue, ultramarine Blue, Permanent Rose(you can get by with just these)

Sec. colors: Cad. Yellow Med., Gamboge Yellow, Lavender & Cad. Red Med.

Accent Color: Halloween Orange, Cobalt turquoise light, Wild Fuchia ,neutral tint plus white


Pump spray bottle and water container

November 11 @ 10:00
10:00 — 16:00 (6h)

Port Aransas Art Center

Lee Ricks

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